What Makes Us Different

Books on Dragonwings Process - All the books
We work with every sci-fi and fantasy publisher we can find, large and small, to read the quarter's upcoming titles and find the one that absolutely knocks our little dragon socks off!
We announce the focus book far ahead of time so you know that you'll love it and that you won't be getting a duplicate copy. Not something you are interested in? You can order just one box at a time to be sure you are always getting something you'll love and never paying for a box that will disappoint you.
All of the items included are themed after the book so you are guaranteed to get beautiful items with subtle and not-so-subtle ties to your new favorite. For The Reader, we included several piratical and ocean-themed items, an exclusive bookmark with a quote, an exclusive nail polish based on the gorgeous cover, and a bottle of gold magic based on the story!
The Reader Books on Dragonwings Box
We give you a list of custom chosen books to read next based on things you loved from the focal book. We double dragon dare you to read all of them before the next box!
Books on Dragonwings What to Read Next